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Leadership & Academic Success Program

The Leadership and Academic Success Program will help prepare the student-athletes for their college and career paths. They will gain valuable insight into how to lead and communicate effectively. They will have exposure into soft skills, time management, as well as hear from great motivational speakers and leaders that will help with developing their mindset as a leader. 

Physical Fitness & Athletic Training

The student-athletes will have access to the best sports performance  and speed agility trainers in the Pacific Northwest. Starting with the basics of strength training, which provides a solid foundation that builds self confidence. Physical fitness and athletic training will push the limits of their athleticism and build mental toughness to become a better athlete. 

Media Exposure and Interview Skills

Working with Outside The Games, student-athletes will get exposure into how to interview with the media. Outside The Games will also speak to the importance of social media in recruitment and advice on how to manage their social media. 

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